Metaphor for Songwriters – Creative Writing

Movie Score: five / five

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4 Responses to “Metaphor for Songwriters – Creative Writing”

  1. nenad1974 says:

    I need a private lesson with Caroline…

  2. CarolineHarveyWriter says:

    Thanks for all the views everyone! I appreciate the support so much! Come
    say hi on FB caroline.harvey.writer or follow me on twitter @thetinyrhino.
    Best to you all and happy writing, Caroline

  3. Alexandre Juca says:

    Great video, loved the way you explained the topic well, the meaphors by
    Pat are very creative.

  4. swinenorth77 says:

    “with an iron clad fist, i wake up, french kiss the morning” JBJ poped into
    my head as i watched